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Care Ministries

We care about you. In addition to the many informal ways people in our church care for one another, we also have several formal care ministries. Please let us know if we can connect you with one of these ministries.

Care Team

This team offers comfort, care, presence, and prayer, focusing on short-term care needs of this congregation. Contact Ken Carlson or Karen Nygren.

Stephen Ministries

Stephen Ministers are lay congregation members who are trained to offer compassionate, one-to-one Christian care to people going through a difficult time. For more information about this international caring ministry, click here. To connect with our local ministry, contact Bob Thompson or Gloria Foltz.

Parish NursinG

This ministry focuses on the whole person--including physical, emotional, and spiritual health--providing education, counseling, and support in partnership with pastors and the Health Team.

Friendship Committee

This team provides encouragement to the congregation through cards and phone calls to those who are ill or going through challenges.

Meal Train

Meals are often provided for those who are ill or families with a new baby. Volunteers sign up to bring meals via an email request sent by office staff.

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