Summer Staff Schedules

With summer nearly upon us, the staff has been making plans for both ministry opportunities as well as time away for vacation. The staff has planned with one another and the Elder Board, making sure that there is good coverage of duties at Mac Cov even in their absences. Here is a snapshot of their summer. After wrapping up Day Camp the last week of June, Anna and Mark will be speakers for a Middle School camp at Cascades Camp and serving as camp pastors to Cascades staff for the week. The second week of July, Laura will be the speaker at a Middle School camp at Lake Beauty Bible Camp in Minnesota and Mark will be doing some continuing education at a conference at Holden Village in Washingto

Kid's Corner: Creativity

CREATIVITY: imagining what you could do because you are made in God’s image. I’ve never really considered myself to be a creative person. So when I see creative works or thinking, I am in awe of people’s minds and the many different expressions of creativity seen through unique ideas, art, decorating, problem solving, ingenuity, or technology. Creativity comes in so many forms, and when there is the freedom or room to cultivate creativity we witness imaginative expressions! It’s amazing. Let’s get real, though. In faith, we know creativity comes of, in, and through the Creator, God. My awe deepens with this reminder because God’s creativity is all around in Creation. Creativity in the divers

Silence by the Sea

The Lenten season was full and rich. Over 40 adults and high school students gathered over six weeks to explore issues of race, culture, and faith in our “Discovering the Mosaic” class. On Palm Sunday, our Mac Cov kids did a fabulous job leading us in worship through the musical, “Back to the Cross.” On Good Friday, we hosted four other local churches at Mac Cov for a collaborative Good Friday service, remembering Christ’s sacrifice for all at the Cross. Then on Easter Sunday, over 500 people filled our church as we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus with joyful hallelujahs - He is risen indeed! On a personal level, I was very encouraged by the many ways I saw God at work throughout the pa

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