Mac Cov Women's Beach Retreat

Mac Cov Women Ministries annual beach retreat, February 24-26, brought 40 women together for a weekend of worshipping, in-depth bible study, singing, fellowship, and breathing in the beauty of our Pacific Ocean in Lincoln City. Friday night after a delicious dinner, we jumped into our theme, “What Are You Hungry For” led by Helen Morse and Laura Rudeen. Psalm 23 and John 10:11-16 opened up study and discussion of God’s promises. Back by popular demand, we enjoyed our “get to know you game.” After breaking into groups each team would decide which story to tell to all the women. The plan is to make it difficult to determine who actually told the story. From alligator wrestling to daring advent

Kids Corner: Humility

HUMULITY: putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve. We know ourselves so well and know what we need that we can easily not realize what the needs of another are. It is a challenge to put ourselves in another’s shoes and to see the world from their perspective; to see a situation from their perspective. Jesus pointedly revealed to us God’s kingdom in a variety of ways, and Jesus also took on the pain, suffering, sadness of others. It is through Jesus’ taking on of the sins of the world that we have new life and hope. This was Jesus’ humility. Humility is how we put aside what we think we deserve, and we consider the other in a given situation. Then we put first the other’s

Vulnerability and the Cross

During this Lenten season, a word that continues to emerge for me is vulnerability. There have been stretches this season where I know my inner reservoir has been thin, and I’ve been tired. Contributing to my tiredness has been extra energy required in rehabbing an injury, a full season of family life and ministry, and honestly, weariness from the current political climate. In my moments of fatigue, I’ve felt inadequate for certain ministry tasks, been stumped by various parental challenges, and felt unsure at times how to lead our congregation as a pastor. Another place of vulnerability has been our “Discovering the Mosaic” class. While I am greatly encouraged that our church is talking abo

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